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This time of year is all about comfort for me, which is why I tend to gravitate to my old standby L.M. Montgomery books. Try her lesser-known three-book Emily series—I like it even more than the Anne saga, and I have the tattoo to prove it! And thanks to a new less-than-stellar Netflix adaptation that shall not be named, I finally read Henry James' The Turn of the Screw, which is a spooky, psychologically-twisted delight.


As per usual, I've got a few new romance reads in my back pocket, because who can't use a frothy fun escape amid *gestures widely* all this? I recently found Joanna Barker, who writes confident, charming, clean Regency romances—I enjoyed Miss Adeline's Match. I also finally read my first Minerva Spencer—Dangerous—which was a delight...and decidedly not clean. *wink*


I've been loving Ariana Grande's new album Positions, and I also just discovered Christopher O'Riley's piano Radiohead covers, which give me the swoon-shivers. 


I'm completely obsessed with The Queen's Gambit—I binged it in a day and have already watched it a second time. The costumes! The score! The performances! Anya Taylor-Joy is incredible in the role of a young chess genius, and the series presents some very refreshing narrative decisions surrounding her character. It's basically a modern fairy tale for intelligent, driven women. I also recently discovered Ghosts, which is chock full of British humor and involves a fun spin on the traditional haunted house tale.  



My local cidery has been knocking it out of the park with their fortified ciders (they're basically a spin on vermouth using ingredients from the cidery's farm). Their current seasonal offerings are Spiced Cherry Burdock and Golden Russet Orange, and they're magnificent. They have this delightfully complex not-to-sweet, herbal quality that makes even basic seltzer fancy.

They come in gorgeous glass bottles with cocktail recipes attached (mix the Orange with tequila and lime juice! Stir the Cherry with bourbon and bitters!) but I honestly just prefer them over ice with a splash of sparkling Topo Chico and a wedge of lime. So perhaps give some fancy vermouths a try this season? I never would've considered it if I hadn't been swayed by these delish creations. 


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