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I recently read and LOVED The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels. It's a rollicking, hilarious, refreshing debut! It has definite shades of The Princess Bride—just imagine that the hero and heroine are both evenly matched, alternately dueling and flirting Dread Pirate Roberts. Author India Holton’s confident, playful writing style sings on every page—and the chapter headers are a stroke of genius. A true delight to read! I can see myself coming back to this one again and again—I HIGHLY recommend it. Gratitude to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I also really enjoyed the moody, horror-adjacent short story collection Salt Slow by Julia Armfield, who is like a mix of Kelly Link and Sally Rooney. The imagery and themes have really stuck with me—I often still think about the story titled Mantis, a brilliantly-told coming-of-age tale with a last line that left my jaw hanging.



Count me among the crowds of millennials obsessing over Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR. Yes, we may be decades older than her, but 17-year-old feelings never really leave us—we're all a mass of roiling emotions and insecurities, we just get better at hiding it as we get older. Plus, the album has some serious nineties vibes—catnip to us eighties babies!

I'm loving Hacks on HBO Max—it's an acerbic, hilarious, touching glimpse at the unlikely relationship between a washed-up comic and her troubled young writing assistant. Jean Smart is truly a national treasure, and Hannah Einbinder boldly holds her own alongside the big-and-small-screen legend. The show also features an insane performance by one of my favorite up-and-coming comedians, Meg Stalter. It's an all-around riot that doesn't shy from exploring dark places.




As the lilac bush by our driveway bloomed, my walks to and from the mailbox became a full-scale sensory experience, and I found myself wondering how to incorporate the tiny edible bejeweled petals into a new project.

Enter: lilac honey, which couldn't be more simple to make—just snip a basketful of bunches, remove the petals and place them in a jar, pour local honey on top (I get mine from the flower lady down the road) and let the infusion sit for a month or so. 

You can strain out the flowers, but I think they look especially beautiful slathered on toast or dolloped in a tiny dish as an addition to a cheese board. Here's a full blog on how to make it, along with a few other foraged recipes.